Hand and Foot Care

  O.P.I ProSpa

Manicure & Pedicure Service

 Express manicure  £15.00

 In a rush, but still need a quick file and polish?

  Signature manicure  £20.00

 Relaxing manicure with cuticle work, file, polish & hand massage.

 Pamper manicure £25.00 

 Gentle exfoliation hand polishing with moisture mask, file, polish & serum spray.

 Express pedicure £18.00

 Quick, effective and oh-so relaxing with file and polish.

 Signature pedicure £25.00

 Full pedicure includes scrub, cuticles, cut, file, polish application & foot massage. 

 Pamper pedicure £30.00

  Relaxing full pedicure with super soft callused feet and soothing moisture mask.



High shine, long lasting gel polish

 Gel manicure £25.00

  Relaxing manicure includes cuticles, cut, file, gel application & hand massage.

 Gel OPI ProSpa manicure £30.00

  Relaxing manicure with micro-exfoliating hand polish with & protective serum.

 Gelish removal and mini manicure £15.00

 Free with Gelish manicure  

 Gel pedicure £30.00

  Relaxing pedicure includes scrub, cuticles, cut, file, gel application & foot massage. 

 Gel OPI ProSpa pedicure £35.00

  Experience a the full pedicure with callused feet with a soothing moisture mask.

 Gelish removal and mini pedicure £15.00

 Free with Geish pedicure

 Gel toes £25.00 Cut, file & polish.

 Gelish Soft Gel Extensions £35:00

 Soft Gel removal £20:00

  Unfortunately we don't offer nail art 

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